Ready for the future

Our society is becoming increasingly more mobile - and the requirements that it places on means of transport are changing rapidly: today, buses and trains need to offer capabilities that only recently acquired relevance. This development is advancing at speed: the seats of the future will have features that we can scarcely imagine today. 
This is a challenge that we are happy to face: our seats move with the times - and are sometimes even a decisive step ahead of them. Characteristics and functions such as heating, cooling, massage, and the option of connecting the seat to internet-capable devices as well as the vehicle itself offer passengers unimagined comfort whilst travelling and our customers a competitive advantage through the upgrading of their means of transport. 
With our innovations and holistic solutions, we deliver the answers to the mobility questions of tomorrow, today.
  • 100 - Expertise and development

    • Extensive design and ergonomics studies
    • Lightweight construction technologies
    • 3D design
    • Development / production / project management
    • Certification / type approval / norms
    • Prototype construction
    • Verification / validation / testing

  • 1000 - Our objectives

    • To fulfil all market requirements and standards
    • Accommodating ergonomics
    • Innovation
    • Attractive design
    • Weight reduction
    • Premium quality
    • Cost reduction

How we work

All research and development activities are managed centrally at Kiel. This is how we achieve the very best in innovation, standardisation and quality. We have our own test laboratory and testing equipment and carry out comprehensive durability, fire protection and crash tests in line with homologation standards, as well as tensile tests and life-cycle tests. Furthermore, we have established an expert network within the field of research and development: we maintain long-term design collaborations with renowned companies and work closely with universities and other development partners. When it comes to the testing of our own products, we have our own plants, including a static testing facility, various endurance testing facilities and a plant for vibration tests. We work with renowned external institutes for dynamic and fire protection tests.