You can rely on Kiel

Kiel’s quality standards go beyond our products – they also encompass a comprehensive after-sales service with the aim of providing the best possible proximity to customers. In Germany and in the other countries in which we have branches, we operate a comprehensive network of key account managers, as well as special service teams, who are on hand to provide extensive support to customers regarding operating, cleaning or repairing our products.
In addition, the development department in our headquarters in Nördlingen also provides specific technical customer support where required.

Across a product's lifetime

We guarantee the long-term availability of the relevant replacement parts across the life span of our seats. We supply these from our central warehouse. As such, we extend the life span and, with it, the cost-effectiveness of our products, whilst also making a key contribution to sustainability and environmental protection.

Got a complaint? No problem!

Please contact our customer service should problems arise with one of our products. They will check to see whether a repair is possible or whether the seat should be replaced. Rest assured, we will do everything that we can to find a satisfactory solution.


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