Comfort and lightness in focus:
Kiel Seating Solutions will be presenting its innovations at InnoTrans

Nördlingen, 20/9/2022 – Kiel Seating Solutions will once again be presenting new seat models for every requirement at this year’s InnoTrans, which will be held in Berlin 20 to 23 September. The manufacturer places great emphasis on a modern, brand-specific design and on increasing ergonomics and comfort for the passenger for all the seating styles. Kiel also uses the most innovative materials and specific construction methods to ensure the lowest weight possible – a product feature that is more important than ever in times of high energy prices and ever-increasing demands for environmental protection. 

CULTA – the lightest in its class

Kiel is setting new standards with the unique full-magnesium frame construction of the CULTA seat. The innovative connection technology of the seat frames meets the strict stipulations for crashworthiness. This makes the CULTA the lightest long-distance train seat in the world and also offers a wide variety of equipment options.

The ergonomic shape of the CULTA ensures extremely high travel comfort. The seat can be adjusted, with a fold-out table and an adjustable footrest. The highlights are the adjustable head cushions with winged headrests: They give the passenger a shielded, protected space – for optimal relaxation on longer journeys. The modular system of the CULTA enables the quick and cost-effective replacement of components. In addition, the seat can be optimally adapted to individual requirements. CULTA is available in two comfortable versions for 1st and 2nd class.

Vienna – self-supporting and easy to maintain

The Vienna seating system for trams and metros has a self-supporting, weight-optimised wooden shell. It therefore requires no internal support structure with a tubular frame. This makes this seat significantly lighter in accordance with EN45545.  

The Vienna has been constructed using innovative wood materials. The HPL surfaces, which form the cover layers for the seat and backrest, come in various designs and in a wide range of colours. This material makes the seat extremely easy to clean. Cushioned upholstery is also optionally available. This enables the Vienna seating system to respond flexibly to customer requirements. The Vienna is available as a single, double and folding seat. Grab handles and grab rails can also be installed. Overall, the materials and design of the seat ensure a high level of protection against vandalism and graffiti.

LIHOK – luxurious and elegant

The LIHOK seat was specifically designed for use in long-distance trains. This is an attractive model with its modern, elegant look using the natural material, wood. Every detail of this comfortable passenger seat is of tangible high-end quality, and the materials, fixtures, fittings and contours of the LIHOCK satisfy in full the high demands of passengers in terms of the contemporary interior design of public transport.

The wide seat and backrests ensure freedom of movement and a particularly high level of comfort. Customer requirements in terms of seat, back and headrest upholstery can be achieved in a simple and cost-effective design. This gives the interior an individual touch that is specific to the operator.

LITE G4 – modular and extremely light

The LITE G4 is the perfect seat for city and intercity buses: It is the lightest seat in its class, and offers the greatest scope for a modular design, as all the components are connected using an innovative click system. This saves time and money during maintenance and repair work. The various components of the LITE G4 can be replaced individually, which makes it particularly environmentally friendly. The components can also be recycled separately.

The backrest height of the LITE G4 can be adjusted to various heights, and is therefore not determined by the seat frame, but by the easily exchangeable backrest cushion. The modular design saves material, which also has a positive effect on the weight: The LITE G4 is approx. 20% lighter than comparable models and is thus currently one of the lightest seats in its class – a big plus for the environment, as lower weight also equates to lower energy costs.

The design of the LITE G4 was inspired by the automotive industry: The seat is reminiscent of beautifully shaped, comfortable car seats. A wide range of fabrics are available for the seat coverings in addition to imitation leather and leather, including recycled materials.