KIEL PROTECT: Safe and sound on the move

Is it possible to minimize the risk of being infected with viruses and bacteria in public transport? Yes – with the unique KIEL PROTECT hygiene concept. This product creates a protective film that eliminates 99.9 percent of pathogens such as bacteria, fungus, and viruses – including the coronavirus – on surfaces for up to twelve months. With Kiel Protect passengers are safe and sound on the move!

Long-lasting microbial coating

KIEL PROTECT surface coating is an innovative solution for providing simple, effective, and long-lasting protection for the health of customers in buses and rail transport: The product creates a highly effective protective film that remains in place for up to twelve months, preventing bacteria, fungus, and viruses from gaining a foothold – in contrast to regular chemical disinfectant, where germs return shortly after cleaning.


KIEL PROTECT creates a transparent coating on the treated surface. The positively charged, thorn-like molecule chains in this coat attract the negatively charged membranes of the microbes. The cell walls or viral envelopes of the microbes are penetrated by the molecule chains and rapidly killed off.


  •  - Product characteristics:

    • Permanently active 24/7 protection
    • Destroys viruses and bacteria in just a few minutes
    • Coronavirus certificate
    • Effective for several months on various materials
    • Odorless and simultaneously odor blocking protection

  •  - The active ingredient in Kiel Protect Coating is recommended by:

    • World Health Organization (WHO)
    • European Chemical Agency (BPR/ ECHA)
    • USA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
    • International AirTransport Assciation (IATA)

Video of usage

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